The Man With The Mask [Everybody’s Talking About It]

By now, you may have heard of this guy, and his unbelievable travels from Hong Kong to Canada without proper ID and wearing an intricate mask. I can’t say how he pulled it off without proper identification, but I can tell you about his mask. The mask you see below is pretty fantastic, and it should be. Costing around $700- $1000, and available at several high end costume stores, this thing is intensely realistic.

(Photo: EPA)

SPFX Masks offers a mask quite similar to the one used by this Hong Kong man, which looks realistic enough to convince plenty of people. However, given the large press given to this particular mask, I would opt for a less recognizable one, perhaps this old woman.

This clever rouse might remind you of a story quite similar to this one from another man with another mask from the same source, SPFX Masks.

Keeping in mind the usual disclaimers and all, check out SPFX Masks, take a good look at the masks so that you can stay alert to this fraud, and, if you’ve got enough cash, buy one and see how many people you can fool.

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