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  • How to Make a Hollow Book Safe

    From James Bond to The Shawshank Redemption, the book safe is a classic hallmark of the espionage and crime genres. This tutorial from The Art of Manliness demonstrates the process for making your own hollowed-out book safe. With a few hours’ work, you’ll have a hidden container in which to stash your valuables or secrets. […]

  • The Man With The Mask [Everybody’s Talking About It]

    By now, you may have heard of this guy, and his unbelievable travels from Hong Kong to Canada without proper ID and wearing an intricate mask. I can’t say how he pulled it off without proper identification, but I can tell you about his mask. The mask you see below is pretty fantastic, and it […]

  • Secret Stash 2010

    Secret Stash 2010 is a project by artist Yiting Cheng that features seemingly ordinary objects modified into deceptive hiding places. Check out the project page for a video and a gallery of pictures. This project is about concealing valuables, secrets, bad habits and personal information in our workplaces. Here, hidden spaces/ messages were created within […]

  • An Intelligent Accent That Masks Origins [Disguise]

    Ever wanted to speak and sound intelligent, but make sure that no one knew where you were from? This might occur in a situation when you are working as an agent. The following can be very helpful for masking your origins and creating a intelligent facade. [Y]ou get the accent in one of three ways: […]

  • How to Disguise Your Walk [Change Your Gait]

    In Little Brother, a novel set in the future by Cory Doctorow, there are cameras that detect a person’s gait so that computer can track the person’s whereabouts. But in the present, all we have are regular video cameras and security teams. So how could changing your walk possible help you? Actually it can. As humans, […]

  • Build an Alias, Step 1: Find a Name [Disguise]

    Need a disguise quick? First, you need a name. Having trouble finding a good name? First, look around you and see if you can find some an object you can use as a name. For example, as I look around myself now, I see a pencil with the word “Dixon” on it and a note […]

  • The Disguise of Rebels [Radio Gear]

    Pirate radio stations in London use amazing makeshift gear to transmit from their radio stations. From infrared links, to homemade transmitters hidden in plain sight on rooftops, they know what they’re doing. Untraceable infrared links. Backpacks full of back-up transmitters. Cloak and dagger secrecy. Hundreds of pirate radio stations broadcast in London every day, but this 20 […]