How to Disguise Your Walk [Change Your Gait]

In Little Brother, a novel set in the future by Cory Doctorow, there are cameras that detect a person’s gait so that computer can track the person’s whereabouts. But in the present, all we have are regular video cameras and security teams. So how could changing your walk possible help you? Actually it can. As humans, we can almost instinctively tell who someone is just by watching them walk from a far. Our walk is very identifiable by not only friends, but strangers and computers.

There are many different ways to change your walk, including a change in sneakers, but stay away from methods that simply use mind over matter. Unfortunately, our walk is so instinctive, that moment we stop concentrating on it, it returns to your original strut. The best method, in my opinion, is inserting a pebble into your shoe or sock, which will manage the change in walks for you. This method was also discussed in Little Brother.

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