Fishing for Survival: Know Your Fish Before Going on the Water

Tweet Becoming a skilled fisherman will not only offer you hours of recreational fun; it can also fill your freezer. Learning to fish correctly will allow you to bring home more than just tales of the “one that got away.” A lifetime can be spent learning about the habits and preferences of a particular species […]

Now Is A Good Time To Talk About Trauma Kits

Tweet Now is a good time to talk about trauma kits. You should have one. — ‏بوكيبلينكي (@pookleblinky) October 2, 2017 They’re right. And in this Twitter thread, they explain what you need: “First, you want a tourniquet. Soft-t is one of the best. Swat tourniquets are light, but less bombproof. Costs about $20. Take that […]

Survival Fishing With Your Bug-Out Bag

Tweet Guest post written by Almo Gregor If you’ve been around the prepping and survival community for any length of time, you’ve heard of a bug-out bag. While each person’s idea of one has slight variations, the core components are the same. But as far as I’m concerned, they all have one flaw in common: […]

Grappling Hooks, Cons and Camouflage

Tweet How to Make a Grappling Hook Gun With a Fire Extinguisher Sony’s Binoculars Can Record Full HD and 3-D Video, Perfect for Amateur Nature Films | Popular Science Improvised Weapons: Rethinking the Paradigm for Improvised Defense HOWTO track down a con-artist – Boing Boing How To Survive A Gunshot Wound | Outdoor Life Survival […]

The Best of James Bond’s Tricks [Roundup of 388 Bond Tricks and Tools]

Tweet To wrap up our insanely long round up of James Bond tricks, here is the summarized edition. Best Of: Tools: In Goldfinger, Bond’s watch is a Rolex Submariner on a NATO issue two-tone green divers strap. In Diamond’s Are Forever, Bond uses his gun with a grapple hook attachment to climb up a building. Moneypenny’s camera in Spectre […]