Pick Locks

We’ve talked a bunch about locks here, from profiles on masters, to sliding locks, airplane bathroom locks and padlocks. But one of the key things is to be able to have the right tools are your disposal. Thanks to Wired, and some research, we’ve discovered several sets that might be of interest. (Keep in mind this is for educational purposes only, and not intended for illegal use. Read our legal section.)

Southord is the preferred source for professional lock pick sets, providing high quality tools for one’s needs. (It also sports a wide variety of other awesome tools, like knives, swords, nunchaks and more…)

Now, the question is, do you want to work harder or not? The standard lock pick sets are great, but they require a bit more effort and knowledge than this electric lock pick set, which might take some of the fun out of the job. Take your pick. (No pun intended…)

Bonus: Wired article about picking locks.

Here’s another source for equipment.

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