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  • The Best Purchase Under $25 To Keep Your Home Safe

    I recently discovered the magic of motion detecting lightbulbs. It was something I wanted to exist, and it turns out they do! So of course I order a pack and gave them a try. They work marvelous. We have some in the basement, and two at the front door. Perfect for safety and security, without […]

  • Now Is A Good Time To Talk About Trauma Kits

    Now is a good time to talk about trauma kits. You should have one. — ‏بوكيبلينكي (@pookleblinky) October 2, 2017 They’re right. And in this Twitter thread, they explain what you need: “First, you want a tourniquet. Soft-t is one of the best. Swat tourniquets are light, but less bombproof. Costs about $20. Take that shit […]

  • Survival Fishing With Your Bug-Out Bag

    Guest post written by Almo Gregor If you’ve been around the prepping and survival community for any length of time, you’ve heard of a bug-out bag. While each person’s idea of one has slight variations, the core components are the same. But as far as I’m concerned, they all have one flaw in common: food […]

  • How To Get Temporary, Disposable Credit Cards

    Using your own credit cards is a great way to let the authorities know where you are immediately! Now, most folks already know about Visa Gift Cards, which you can buy almost anywhere, and use anonymously But here are some other services you might not know about: – Free temporary virtual credit card numbers. Pro: […]

  • The Bourne Identity Burn Bag

  • Secret Places [Hidden]

    I don’t know about you, but I love any type of secret compartment, lair or stash. Thanks to a small article in Wired, I discovered Creative Home Engineering which specializes in creating secret passages for people like me. Related: Unlocking the Mystery of Paris’ Most Secret Underground Society The Frick Collection’s Secret Rooms Make a […]

  • Gadgets and Gear [Roundup]

    Gerber 22-80012 Infinity Ultra Task LED Flashlight The Stunning Ring ATN Viper NVG0VIPR10 – Night Vision Goggles – ATN Night Vision Equipment ThinkGeek :: Electronic Spy Camera Shirt Personal Protection – SHOMER-TEC Battelle: Battelle Designs Innovative Grappling Hook Technology Laser Audio Surveillance Bluetooth C-Pen 3.5 – ECTACO Intriguing Gifts for the Dashing Spy Gerber Gator […]

  • Wired Article: GPS Trackers

  • Historic Spy Gadgets

    In this photo gallery, Wired takes a look at some of the most interesting gadgets showcased in the CIA’s new Flickr stream. Tire spikes, semi-submersibles, and the tiny Dragonfly UAV shown are among the list of tools and gadgets featured. Whenever James Bond needed a nifty device to snap a surreptitious surveillance picture or escape […]

  • What You Should Carry [Gear]

    For a while, I’ve been working on a list of gadgets and other gear that I’d like to have with me at all times. Qualifications were that it had to be fairly legal and inexpensive, and fit in a small bag that could easily be hidden in a cache. Under optimal conditions, one would have […]