Energizer Night Strike Flashlights

Tech blog BoingBoing recently reviewed Energizer’s Night Strike LED flashlights. Each model incorporates a rugged, waterproof design and multi-colored LEDs, along with a host of other useful features specific to each model, making them the perfect tools for illuminating your covert nighttime operations. One of these will set you back eighty US dollars.

Energizer’s rugged Night Strike LED flashlights, available in “Compact” and “Swivel” editions, offer 40 and 100 lumens respectively from double-AA batteries. Apart from white light, each waterproof design has multiple colored LEDs and can survive a claimed 10′ drop.

The smaller model, light enough to clip onto the bill of a baseball cap, has green, red and blue LED lights, eight hours of runtime from a single lithium battery, and a “find me” setting that flashes the green LED once every half-second.

The larger model also has an ultraviolet light, a swiveling head, and can run on one or two AA batteries. A three-position lever switches between UV, visible spectra, and a ‘locked’ position, which prevents it from being turned on or off.

Review: Energizer Night Strike LED flashlights

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