Pickpocket Prevention Tips

Here’s a short list of tips for pickpocket prevention from FX World Chart. Most of it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s all solid advice.

Don’t carry what you don’t need – if you don’t have it, a pickpocket can’t get it.

Pickpockets prefer easy targets – if you can’t feel it on you, you probably can’t feel them take it.

Keep your valuables separated – having one thing stolen isn’t as bad as having everything stolen.

Use bags and purses that have zippers, clasps, or locks and keep them properly and fully closed at all times.

Beware of loud arguments and commotions in crowded areas. Thieves may stage these incidents to distract you while they pick your pocket or steal from you.

Be careful while banking at an ATM. Pickpockets will try to distract you from what you’re doing so you’ll lower your guard.

If you are the victim of a pickpocket, alert everyone you can in the immediate area and call the police immediately.

When out in a restaurant, internet cafe, bar or similar don’t just leave your bag on the back of your chair where you can’t keep an eye on it. It’s a good idea to slip the handle around your chair leg, wedge it between your feet or keep it on your lap.

Wear packs in front of you, not at the rear or side.

Carry a cheap wallet with a few small bills in it in an obvious place like your hip pocket.

Sew a zipper on the inside of a belt to make a money belt.

Pickpockets may try to slash the straps of bags, purses, and cameras. Be alert.

Pickpocket Prevention

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