How to Survive Natural Disasters [Survival]

With Haiti a big part of the news, you may be wondering if you are prepared to have something like that happen to you. The Big Picture has some tips and links for surviving disasters.

Start with the basics: Store in a cool dry place plenty of bottled water, batteries, flashlights, and a radio. Candles, waterproof matches, a can opener, a Swiss army knife, are also helpful. Formula or baby food if applicable. First aid kit, aspirin, disinfectant. If you have small children, simple games and toys will keep them busy as opposed to frightened. Depending upon the prescription drugs you take, a few days to a weeks worth. Pet food if applicable. Basic camping gear sleeping bags and blankets, water filters, dried foods are also helpful. (If using your basement, get them off the floor and onto shelves).

How to Survive Natural Disasters

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