5 Incredible TV Shows You Need to Watch [Reviews]

Wow. I have discovered so many awesome TV shows in the past week, I felt compelled to share them here. TV shows with incredible pace, action and, of course, spying, tricks and deception.


Sherlock is a very well done BBC television series, featuring a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Watching the show is like getting injected with adrenaline. This fast paced, tech savvy show is perfect, with excellent actors, a fantastic style and the keen observations of Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century.

It’s available to watch on the internet. 

White Collar

White Collar, featuring a con artist turned semi-good is a lighter take on Catch Me If You Can. The show tells the tale of a brilliant thief who teams up with the FBI instead of spending time in jail. White Collar also includes tons of tricks and tips, which will be listed in a future post on Lone Iguana.

White Collar is available directly on the USA Network website and from Hulu for free.

Covert Affairs

Another excellent USA Network show, Covert Affairs is produced by the man behind the Bourne Trilogy. This probably accounts for the same action packed feel of Bourne. The lead, strong minded CIA agent Annie Walker manages to get out of troubling situations with a great smile and a Bourne-like agility.

Covert Affairs is available directly on the USA Network website and from Amazon for free.

The Mentalist

The Mentalist is a Sherlock Holmes type show, displaying a brilliant manipulator who is a wonderfully intelligent observer. The Mentalist can sometimes be overly violent and excessively disturbing, but when it isn’t, it’s a layered, well written, full of depth TV show.

The Mentalist is available to watch paid full episodes at Amazon, and clips from CBS.


Monk is again, a TV show quite similar to Sherlock Holmes. The main character is an astute man with a keen eye, always abreast to the little details. The character’s depth appears with a neurotic, Felix Unger type personality, a hindrance in his career.

Monk is available for free on CBS and Hulu, but you can watch older, unavailable for free episodes at Amazon.

There you have it. 5 awesome, action packed, spy/detective TV shows, that you should at least take a look at. What TV shows do you love? Let us know in the comments!

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  2. Sara Avatar

    Thanks for this. I absolutely love Sherlock and was looking for some similar ones. 🙂 I started watching White Collar after reading this, and yes, it’s also good even though it still can’t top my liking for Sherlock.

    Oh, and you might like this tv series called “Castle”. It’s also a detective/crime type one. =D

    1. loneiguana Avatar

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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