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  • Type This: whenshtf.com [Web Time]

    I have talked previously about wtshtf, or when the sh*t hits the fan. Wtshtf can be described as when all hell brakes loose, when the sky falls or when, in milder terms- The END of the world as we know it. Now, while this seems pretty much like this, wtshtf is nothing to jeer at. […]

  • Read This: Emergency [Story Time]

    I have written about Emergency for the upcoming blog Cultureist and thought I would share my review with you here: Ever seen those Jason Bourne films? You know, where Matt Damon is a trained assassin who travels the country with fake identities and amazing talents? Oh, I love those movies. And every time I watch […]

  • Watch This: Collapse [Movie Time]

    Collapse is a new movie about the collapse of the economy and the breaking down in structure in the world today. In a interesting, noir-ish style, the film communicates the issues with the current crises and what you can do. Learn more information about the movie here, find showings near you here, or watch the […]