Read This: Emergency [Story Time]

Book Cover I have written about Emergency for the upcoming blog Cultureist and thought I would share my review with you here:

Ever seen those Jason Bourne films? You know, where Matt Damon is a trained assassin who travels the country with fake identities and amazing talents? Oh, I love those movies. And every time I watch one, my pulse rate goes up, and I start jumping around the room, pretending to stab someone in the neck with a ballpoint pen. All right, I really don’t do that.

Seriously, the point of that overly personal view of my life was to bring your attention to the tricks of the trade Bourne uses. One of them is storing money and a whole bunch of other stuff in caches in different banks around the world. And if you ever wanted to know how he managed to do that, this is your lucky day.

Emergency, an awesome book by Neil Strauss led me to discover how to be self-sufficient. That’s a tame way of saying it. The book shows you how to survive in the wilderness, survive urban life without electricity, basic survival skills and about escape and evasion. Don’t forget how to plant a little nest egg in another country for safe keeping. Wonderful. As Tim Ferris said “If you’ve ever wanted to beat the system, get off the grid, or become an escape artist, [Emergency] is your manual.”

Why would you want to read it? If it seems a little far-fetched that a student needs to know how to kill an animal to eat, think again. While in a college class, you are not likely to be asked to do that, it can be helpful to know what to do when the sky comes falling down.

That being said, don’t hesitate to get the book. Any split second delay and you could be without power wondering how to survive without clean water for two days (hint: your neighbor’s pool is a nice place to bathe.)

You can purchase Emergency by Neil Strauss here.

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3 responses to “Read This: Emergency [Story Time]”

  1. Bushbaby Avatar

    Love this – will definitely be reading this soon.

    Thanks for the interesting posts,


  2. […] Bourne uses lockers provided by train and bus terminals to stash bags filled with money, weapons and identities he can use. This idea of creating caches was also detailed in Emergency. […]

  3. foondun Avatar

    that book’s real really is a lifesaver

    thanks a lot

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