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  • How to Make a Hollow Book Safe

    From James Bond to The Shawshank Redemption, the book safe is a classic hallmark of the espionage and crime genres. This tutorial from The Art of Manliness demonstrates the process for making your own hollowed-out book safe. With a few hours’ work, you’ll have a hidden container in which to stash your valuables or secrets. […]

  • Read Houdini’s Books for Free Online [Learn From The Pros]

    Houdini is a big name in the world of magic, escapes and physical tricks. Read for free his books on topics such as ventriloquism, criminals, and more by browsing through Google Books. [via BoingBoing] Photo: Vancouver Public Library Subscribe:     RSS | Twitter | Email

  • How to Get Someone to Order A Dish [Screw With People’s Minds]

    At one point in life, you realize that people are not doing what you want them to do. Let’s take, for example, a cook, who slaves over a hot stove for hours, creating dishes that would astound most. But every day, customers order the cheapest meal, perhaps the pasta. This is problem might be solved […]

  • Read This: Predictably Irrational [Screw With People’s Minds]

    Have you ever wanted to know how to sell more of something? Perhaps push a particular product? Well, look no further. Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational gives you an idea of why people do things. While I am sure the intention of the book was not to exploit people, you can use this knowledge to […]

  • Read This: Emergency [Story Time]

    I have written about Emergency for the upcoming blog Cultureist and thought I would share my review with you here: Ever seen those Jason Bourne films? You know, where Matt Damon is a trained assassin who travels the country with fake identities and amazing talents? Oh, I love those movies. And every time I watch […]

  • Read This: The Tipping Point [Screw With People’s Minds]

    The Tipping Point is so utterly thick with information, that I literally sat down, read the first couple pages and stopped. The rest of the night, I thought, consciously and unconsciously about what it said. So when you read this book, take your time. I enjoy reading dense, amazing and psychological books. They can help […]