How to Spot a Two-Way Mirror [Spot the Enemy]

Ever walked in to a room to wonder if behind that large mirror is a video camera, or worse, a team of people watching your every move? Want to find out how to check the mirror? Read on.

First off, don’t act suspicious. You don’t want to let on that you think it is a two way mirror because then you would lose your edge on the enemy. You can approach the mirror casually, as if checking yourself out. If you don’t mind looking a little silly to the would-be viewer, pretend as if you are alone and make some “sexy” faces, admiring your fine physic. Casually get closer to the mirror, as if staring into your own eyes, or checking you teeth for spinach. Then place your finger to the glass, the first test. If your nail touches the reflection, it is very likely to be a two way mirror. In a regular mirror, the fingernail does not touch the reflection.

Take a look at the mirror from a far. Is the mirror embedded in the wall or hung? Embedded in a wall is another good sign that the mirror is two ways. Another quick way is to inconspicuously shine a flashlight at the mirror, looking for light to appear on the other side.

Now, you should have a good idea what kind of mirror it is. Even if you think it is a one way mirror, always make sure to be careful about what you say and do. There might be hidden cameras and microphones in the room.


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