Use Internet Privately [Privacy]

Ever gone to a site, and wish that the site couldn’t know where you were in the world, or who you were? Perhaps giving away secrets, or anonymously submitting articles? Volunteer Your Computer for Global Privacy details using TOR, software that doesn’t give away your location. Enjoy.

Google revealed last week that network intruders have read email messages in the Google accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Someone–still unknown–is determined to spy on Chinese dissidents. Other someones are determined to identify undercover police officers, ferret out employees who secretly inform the police about their company’s crimes, and stalk their own wives who have left home to escape battering. Hundreds of volunteers are now running an Internet service for people who need to protect their privacy. The service is called Tor, the Onion Router. Anyone can provide Tor, for free. Anyone can use Tor to protect his privacy, for free.

[Volunteer Your Computer for Global Privacy — Wild Bee]

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