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  • Security In-a-Box

    Security in-a-box is a project that provides various resources for enhancing your security and privacy both on and offline. The site contains a how-to booklet and a number of hands-on guides for using free software such as TrueCrypt, Tor, Eraser, and more to strengthen your digital security. Security in-a-box is a collaborative effort of the Tactical…

  • Secure Your Computer

    Our sister site, Squealing Rat, wrote a couple of articles on computer security. Enjoy. Two Major Security Flaws, A Rant and The Fixes How To Manage Your Files Behind a Firewall for Free Subscribe:     RSS | Twitter | Email

  • Careful Who You Friend Online [Sneaky Agents]

    Turns out that person you thought you knew who you friended on Facebook might be a fedral agent looking for information. According to an article from Aol News, the Feds are using Facebook now to keep tabs on persons of interest. “This is just the way people meet these days — electronically,” James Cavanaugh, special…