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  • Use A Soda Can to Pick a Combination Lock [Lock Pick]

    Single-dial padlocks are those really common locks that you see on lockers and some bike chains. They are also really easy to open. (Please read our legal section before continuing). Here’s a great how-to on picking those locks with a cut up soda can. You can also check out the video embedded below for more guidance (it…

  • Easily Unlock a Sliding Chain Lock [Holy Crap: Locks]

    Holy crap. After reading this Lifehacker article, I realized how easy it would be to break into a hotel room solely guarded by one of those sliding locks. Check out the video below for a shock. Blogger and lock-picker extraordinaire Barry Wels demonstrates how to unlock a sliding chain lock with a rubber band in…

  • Shoot Pennies From a Business Card [Spotted Quickie]

    Have you ever wanted to take something of your wallet, load it with pennies, and then launch the pennies at unsuspecting people or other targets? Well, now you can with the Penny Shooter Business Card! Find more info here or watch the video below. via Gizmodo Subscribe:     RSS Twitter Email