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  • Bulletproof Liquid Body Armor

    Scientists at BAE Systems in the UK are working on a new type of body armor that uses shear thickening fluids in combination with traditional Kevlar to create lighter, more flexible body armor. The shear thickening fluids act like a liquid under normal conditions, but harden instantly on impact, forming a rigid shield. Basically, like this. The…

  • Fire a Handgun Safely and Correctly

    Safety is the number one priority when dealing with any kind of firearm, as just one mistake or lapse in attention can be devastating. The Art of Manliness blog has put together  a nice tutorial that covers the basics of handgun safety and tips on how to actually hit your target. To get the lowdown on how…

  • Spot a Gun [Graphic]

    I loved the following infographic on how to spot a handgun: Megan Jaegerman’s brilliant news graphics via BoingBoing Subscribe: RSS | Twitter | Email