Pickpocket Prevention Tips

Tweet Here’s a short list of tips for pickpocket prevention from FX World Chart. Most of it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s all solid advice. Don’t carry what you don’t need – if you don’t have it, a pickpocket can’t get it. Pickpockets prefer easy targets – if you can’t feel it on you, you probably […]

onPoint Tactical School

Tweet OnPoint Tactical LLC is a tracking, survival, and scout school based in New Jersey. They have worked with and trained US military and law enforcement groups including the US Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, the FBI, and the Secret Service and offer courses for civilians as well. OnPoint offers programs for developing survival and tracking […]

FBI, Alligators and Gear [Link Roundup]

Tweet Want to Know if the FBI Is Tracking You? Look for One of These Secret hollowed-out book tutorial – Boing Boing A 20th-Century Master Scam – New York Times How to Wrestle an Alligator | The Art of Manliness GORUCK — Military-Grade Gear Acrobats, Parkour and FreeRunning- About 3RUN Gator Machete Junior – Boing […]

Snakebite Management and First Aid

Tweet BFE Labs is a blog I recently discovered which covers topics such as wilderness survival, weapons, evasion, survival gear, and other subjects that may be of interest to Lone Iguana readers. Their latest article goes through techniques for managing a venomous snakebite, and touches on snakebite prevention, tactics for first aid and field care, […]

TrueCrypt: Free Open-Source Encryption

Tweet We’ve talked about the importance of encrypting your cell phone here on Lone Iguana before, but if you haven’t already done so, it’s also important to use some level of encryption for your personal computer. For example, a simple laptop theft can be turned into something much more devastating if the thief has access […]

Vacuums, Cars and Liars [Link Roundup]

Tweet Bulletproof Custard: Liquid Armor That Can Stop Bullets NSA Denies It Will Spy on Civilian Networks Through the “Perfect Citizen” Program Colton Harris-Moore, “Barefoot Bandit,” arrested in the Bahamas after 2 years on the lam – Boing Boing Trio break out of Belgium prison in helicopter – CNN.com Alex Kotlowitz Dark Patterns: sneaky web […]

Tarzan, Cameras and Gunfights [Link Roundup]

Tweet Putting a Private Detective in Your Laptop – NYTimes.com How to Yell Like Tarzan | The Art of Manliness What’s the best way you’ve “cheated the system?” : AskReddit Logitech Alert Security Cameras: Keep Watch From Anywhere Spy Versus Spies Caller ID Spoofing Gets Outlawed Putting a Private Detective in Your Laptop – NYTimes.com […]

How to Communicate if Your Government Shuts Down the Internet

Tweet With Egypt shutting down the internet to control the recent protests and talk of an internet “kill switch” in the US, it might be a good idea to take a look at this Wired How-to Wiki article. Scenario: Your government is displeased with the communication going on in your location and pulls the plug […]