Locksmiths, Murder and Matches [Link Roundup]

Tweet When You Call A Locksmith, Will A Con Man Answer? : NPR Voicemail hacking and the ‘phone hacking’ scandal – how it worked, questions to be asked and improvements to be made Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Do (and Everyone Should Know) Recreational lockpicking workshop at Maker Faire Detroit – Boing Boing The Vidocq […]

Flip Flops, Survival and Glasses [Link Roundup]

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Cloaks, Alarms and Armor [Link Roundup]

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All of MacGyver’s Tricks in One Handy Place [MacRecipes]

Tweet We here at Lone Iguana always display much respect for the people like us who obsess over finding every single trick and neat tip anywhere and everywhere. So when we heard of MacRecipes, we began salivating. Every single trick MacGyver has ever used. What are you waiting for?! Click and see all the wonderful MacGyverness. [via […]

Kids, Gadgets and Whistleblowers [Link Roundup]

Tweet Home Office whistleblowers – hints and tips – Spy Blog – SpyBlog.org.uk View topic – Here’s my survival kit and it’s contents – UPDATED @ EmergencyPreparationForum.com CERT : Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) – Boing Boing Spy Stuff » Coolest Gadgets Top 10 Barely-legal Gadgets […]