10 Second Paracord Handcuffs

Tweet This is a simple trick from Instructables user Jake22 for quickly making secure handcuffs from a length of paracord. Back during my military service we used to use these for POW’s.  Zip tie handcuffs are much more common now. As with all restraints – the object is to restrict the movement of a supervised detainee. […]

Survive a Robot Uprising, Build a Laser Tripwire, and More [Link Roundup]

Tweet Zen Tracker allows you to track the location of up to 6 GPS-enabled phones for free. Instructables: Build Your Own Laser Tripwire with Webcam Capture Learn about the growth of competitive lock picking, or “Locksport”. The Hawkeye RC Chopper is capable of taking photos and recording video. “Your $65 personal spy drone”. A White House […]

Telling Swiss Secrets: A Banker’s Betrayal

Tweet In this Global Post article, American whistle blower Bradley Birkenfeld exposes the secrets and scandals behind the legendary secrecy of Swiss banking. It’s the inner sanctum of Swiss banking — the heavily-guarded nexus between numbered Swiss bank accounts and their owner’s good names — and it’s the rare American that is allowed entry. Bradley […]

Tied Up Woman Types With Toes for Help [Brilliance in the News]

Tweet 39-year-old Amy Windom was tied to her bed after being robbed at gunpoint around midnight last Tuesday. The robber had taken various items from her home and stolen her car. Windom struggled to free herself for hours before, in a feat (no pun intended) of incredible dexterity, she used her toes to type a […]

Cars in Uncommon Colors Protect Against Theft

Tweet Interesting fact: according to a study done in the Netherlands,  cars with uncommon paint colors (lime green, bright orange) are far less likely to be stolen than those in more popular colors (gray, black). It’s a good thing to keep it in mind the next time you’re in the market for a new vehicle. […]

Private Ninja Lessons

Tweet “One of New York’s oldest” Bujinkan schools is now offering private ninja lessons, taught by an experienced Shidoshi, “teacher of the warrior ways”. Based on the martial art of ninjutsu, the course also teaches the history and traditions of the ninja. Learn the secrets of ancient martial arts and the mysterious ninja warriors with […]

Argentinean Convicts Dress Up as Sheep to Evade Capture [Evasion]

Tweet After escaping from a maximum security jail, a couple of Argentinean criminals disguised themselves as sheep and successfully avoided capture, much to the embarrassment of local police. Pereyra, 25, and Diaz, 28, dressed in full sheepskin fleeces with realistic looking heads as they tried to evade capture, The Sun reported. […] They used their […]