Bulletproof Books, Dragon Skin, and Circus Acts [Link Roundup]

Tweet The Secrets Behind Popular Circus Acts – Neatorama This Wall Hook Spy Cam Might Actually Fool Some People Which Novels of 2010 Can Stop a Bullet? – Neatorama Dragon Skin body armor gains piezoelectric sensors, keeps bullet-stopping abilities – Engadget ThinkGeek :: Micro Sonic Grenade Secret Service Replacing Scale Models With Game-Based Training-Gamasutra The Real ‘CSI’: […]

Pickpocket Prevention Tips

Tweet Here’s a short list of tips for pickpocket prevention from FX World Chart. Most of it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s all solid advice. Don’t carry what you don’t need – if you don’t have it, a pickpocket can’t get it. Pickpockets prefer easy targets – if you can’t feel it on you, you probably […]

Tips From a Professional Liar

Tweet We’ve touched on how to detect a liar, and now here’s a look into the deceptive practices of former “professional liar” Clancy Martin. He shares a couple of tips in this kottke.org blog post from his experience in the luxury jewelry business, where a lie could often mean a little additional profit. According to […]

onPoint Tactical School

Tweet OnPoint Tactical LLC is a tracking, survival, and scout school based in New Jersey. They have worked with and trained US military and law enforcement groups including the US Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, the FBI, and the Secret Service and offer courses for civilians as well. OnPoint offers programs for developing survival and tracking […]

8 Unconventional Ways to Relieve Stress

Tweet Staying cool under extreme circumstances can be key to your survival. This list from Zen Habits contains some rather surprising tricks for relieving daily stress and tension, so that you can stay composed and levelheaded when things get out of hand. As we move through our daily routines we are often faced with obstacles […]

Snakebite Management and First Aid

Tweet BFE Labs is a blog I recently discovered which covers topics such as wilderness survival, weapons, evasion, survival gear, and other subjects that may be of interest to Lone Iguana readers. Their latest article goes through techniques for managing a venomous snakebite, and touches on snakebite prevention, tactics for first aid and field care, […]

TrueCrypt: Free Open-Source Encryption

Tweet We’ve talked about the importance of encrypting your cell phone here on Lone Iguana before, but if you haven’t already done so, it’s also important to use some level of encryption for your personal computer. For example, a simple laptop theft can be turned into something much more devastating if the thief has access […]

Energizer Night Strike Flashlights

Tweet Tech blog BoingBoing recently reviewed Energizer’s Night Strike LED flashlights. Each model incorporates a rugged, waterproof design and multi-colored LEDs, along with a host of other useful features specific to each model, making them the perfect tools for illuminating your covert nighttime operations. One of these will set you back eighty US dollars. Energizer’s rugged Night Strike LED […]