A Japanese Gang is Infiltrated [Gangs]

Check out BoingBoing’s article for the whole story, but what I really enjoyed about the article was the decription of the gang, the yakuza:

Unlike in America, where someone’s word is as light as a feather, some of the yakuza guys have demonstrated incredible loyalty. If they promise something — if they give their word — they honor it, even if that promise is no longer convenient or even detrimental to keep.Bushi ni nigon wa nai. (“A warrior does not have a forked tongue.”) Once you’ve said it, then you’ll do it. A promise is a promise. It’s so rare to meet anybody in this world who has any sense of honor, who puts actual importance in keeping their word. That’s one of the nicer things about them.

Meet Jake Adelstein, a Jewish reporter who thinks like a Japanese gangster

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