89 Tricks and Tools of James Bond: Part 2 [How to Be Bond]

Previously, I explored the many tricks, tips and tools of Jason Bourne, and the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond (part 1) . Now, let’s continue with exploring the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond, part 2. This article will delve into the tips, tricks and gadgets of James Bond’s following five films, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die, The Man With The Golden Gun, and The Spy Who Loved Me.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


  1. Bond makes use of his gun site as a monocular.
  2. Q introduces radioactive lint as a way of detection.
  3. Bond uses a simple lock pick to unlock an office door.
  4. He uses a construction crane to transport his necessary tools (a safe cracker and a photostat machine) to an office he broke into.
  5. Bond uses a photostat machine to scan documents. Today he would probably simply use something like scanR to do this with a phone.


  1. In new places, Bond always checks for bugs that could be used to spy on him.
  2. Bond uses a metal wire to detect and spring a lock on a door, and uses an eraser to insulate from electric security.
  3. Bond uses ripped out pants pockets as gloves.
  4. In order to hide himself from easy visual detection, Bond steals a coat and puts it on.

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Diamonds Are Forever


  1. Bond employs the use of a fake fingerprint, which is basically an oiled rubber fingerprint duplicate of someone else’s finger that has been glued onto his hand. (The enemy uses a spray that detects fingerprints, and uses the fake fingerprint detected as their method of identification.)
  2. Bond uses his gun with a grapple hook attachment to climb up a building.
  3. A voice changer is used to disguise the identity of the enemy, and later, Bond.
  4. A type of bubble is used to drop Bond from an airplane into the water.
  5. A pocket snap trap is in Bond’s suit pocket to damage any prying enemy hands.
  6. Q created an Electro-Magnetic RPM Controller that guarantees a slot machine jackpot.
  7. Bond wears grappling suspenders that contain cord he can use for climbing.


  1. The villains in this movie swap packages one with a bomb to blow up a helicopter.
  2. Bond smells his glass to check for poison, and then checks for fingerprint detection spray.
  3. Bond pretends to be making out with himself, wrapping his arms around himself in the dark to deceive others.
  4. Bond fakes his knowledge of language, pretending not to be able to speak the expected language to throw off detection.
  5. In a fight, Bond slams the elevator door on his opponents hand, then smashes his face with a nearby fire extinguisher.
  6. Bond smuggles diamonds out of the country in the coffin of a dead man. At another point, the diamonds are hidden in a light fixture.
  7. In order to follow a lead, Bond blocks the target car from escaping the parking lot, then gets in the inert car’s trunk.
  8. In the enemy territory, Bond fakes being an employee in order to obtain enough information to assume his interviewees identity.
  9. Bond fakes out being in a vehicle, and lets it go unmanned, then steals a motorcycle and goes in the other direction.
  10. When Bond is pulled over by the police, he waits until the policeman has gotten out of his car before speeding off.
  11. Bond rides up on the roof of an elevator to get to a blocked off area.
  12. Bond kicks a cat onto the lap of the enemy as a makeshift weapon, distracting his opponent.
  13. When forced onto an elevator in enemy territory, Bond watches out for false floors.
  14. When threatened with large explosions, Bond jumps into the ocean for protection.
  15. Bond recognizes the smell of the enemy’s aftershave and is alerted of potential danger.
  16. Bond throws a bottle of alcohol at a fire wielding enemy to light him on fire.

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Live and Let Die


  1. Bond uses a kite that doubles as a hand glider to observe and then move quickly through the air.
  2. He uses his watch to not only cut through rope, but to unzip a dress and acquire another gadget through the magnet in his watch.
  3. Bond has a lighter that acts as a radio.
  4. He also uses a bug detector.
  5. Bond has a gun with compressed gas pellets.
  6. In Bond’s apartment, he uses this to make himself expresso.


  1. Bond uses a stack full of the same tarot card featuring lovers to manipulate a believer in the cards.
  2. Bond uses scarecrows as a guide towards the enemy lair, much like markings on a path, steering him in the right direction.
  3. Driving a stolen bus, Bond drives in curves, weaving to throw off the onslaught of police.
  4. Bond, still driving the stolen bus, heads for a low bridge, and lets the top half of the bus be torn off, blocking the road from the chasers.
  5. Bond uses an airplane as a getaway vehicle, in lieu of a car, and while he doesn’t take off, he drives around the airplane lot, maneuvering around the enemy.
  6. Fighting a man with a prosthetic limb, Bond snips the cords in the arm to disable him.
  7. In order to get a shopkeeper to stop watching him, he asks her to giftwrap an item.
  8. Bond uses a fire ladder to disable an opponent, pulling it down, then swinging on it to knock the guy down.
  9. Bond uses a mirror to spot a snake behind him.
  10. Bond combines his aftershave and a cigar to create a fire to scare away a snake.
  11. Bond uses a nearby gas tank to set everything on fire, and create a distraction.

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The Man With The Golden Gun


  1. Bond employs a fake nipple to impersonate his target’s unique mark.
  2. Bond uses a walkie talkie to communicate with her partners.


  1. To get a belly button ring critical to his investigation, Bond proceeds to romance his target, then begins to kiss her, working his lips down her body until he reaches the ring.
  2. Bond uses the walls and doors in the rooms he fights to hurt his enemies as much as possible.
  3. When conning doesn’t work, Bond simply threatens his target with a gun for information.
  4. In order to get into someone’s hotel room, Bond pretends to be her partner, and urges the bellboy to let him in on romantic pretenses.
  5. When Bond hears shots fired, he drops on the ground and moves quickly, making himself a hard to hit moving target.
  6. Bond asks the police for their ID cards to confirm their identity.
  7. Bond uses a nearby lifesaver as a weapon against a guard on a boat.
  8. Bond is never afraid to play dirty, giving a wedgie to a strong sumo wrestler. Later during a bow before a fight, Bond attacks immediately, catching his opponent off guard.
  9. On a boat, Bond uses the propeller as a weapon, and using it, cuts the enemy’s boat oar in two.
  10. When Bond hears a noise, he immediately draws his gun, and shuts off the lights to catch the intruder off guard.
  11. In order to pick up a desired gadget without drawing attention, he drops his bag of peanuts, and then palms the gadget when he picks up the bag.
  12. Needing some quick transportation, Bond “borrows” a car from a local automobile dealer.
  13. Bond pretends to a mannequin in strange fighting arena.
  14. Bond uses a chair to block from being hit with bottles.
  15. He also uses a suitcase to repress an agitated midget.

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The Spy Who Loved Me


  1. A Russian secret agent uses a music box that acts as transmitter/communicator.
  2. Bond has a watch that types out messages on metal tape.
  3. He also has a ski pole which is capable of shooting .30 caliber rounds.
  4. Bond uses a parachute after skiing off a mountain to get away from pursuers.
  5. An elevator with a trick floor is used by an enemy.
  6. An opponent employs a cigarette which can expel sleeping gas.
  7. Q’s gadgets: a magnetically propelled sharp tea tray which is lethal, a seat designed to eject person into the air, a smoker which doubles as gun, and a chair with a knife hidden in it.
  8. Bond’s car has the following, erm, “modifications”: oil sprayers, the capability of becoming an underwater car, and being able to eject missiles, a smoke screen and bombs.
  9. The enemy has a large tanker which has the capability of opening it’s hull to envelop a submarine.
  10. Bond uses a jet ski in order to travel quickly over water.


  1. Bond seduces girl for information, kissing her, and holding her to pump information out of her.
  2. An enemy has a mic and speaker built into his car so he may hear any intruders hiding in the back of the truck.
  3. When leaving his method of transportation, Bond takes keys to prevent being deserted by there alone.
  4. In a fight, Bond breaks a glass bottle over his opponent’s head.
  5. Still fighting, Bond grabs a lamp and electrocutes him, then uses leverage by pushing on the walls of the train to push the man out the window.
  6. In a tight spot, Bond steals a gun and releases prisoners as a fighting force.
  7. In order to blast through an impenetrable wall of steel, Bond removes part of nuclear weapon, and uses it to blow up the wall, transporting it by a moving camera.
  8. Bond reprograms submarines to destroy each other rather than the major cities they were aiming for.
  9. In an elevator, he pushes against the walls with his feet to prevent going down through the false floor.
  10. Bond shoots through the extended gun used to try and kill him to kill his opponent.
  11. Bond uses an industrial strength magnet to get Jaws, a man with steel teeth, away from him, and into a pool with a shark to kill him.

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Sources for this article included Wikipedia, IMDB, James Bond Lifestyle and watching the films many times, for enjoyment and research.






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