88 Tricks and Tools of James Bond: Part 3 [How to Be Bond]

Previously, I explored the many tricks, tips and tools of Jason Bourne, and the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond (part 1 and 2) . Now, let’s continue with exploring the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond, part 3. This article will delve into the tips, tricks and gadgets of James Bond’s following five films, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, Never Say Never Again (unofficial), and A View to a Kill.



  1. Bond uses a dart shooter on his wrist that fires when his wrist is flexed.
  2. He also has a cigarette case that is a safe cracker.
  3. Bond has a small pocket camera.
  4. A gondola is used which doubles as a speedboat, and a hovercraft.
  5. Bond has a key that can pick any lock.
  6. Another agent has a diary with a dart thrower, a flame thrower perfume bottle, a purse that doubles as a communicator, and a syringe pen.
  7. Q’s gadgets included exploding Mexican balls, and a false sleeping Mexican which shoots bullets.
  8. Bond maneuvers a boat (Glastron/Carlson CV-23HT) complete with torpedo and mine ejectors, along with a glider.
  9. He also has a watch (Seiko M354 Memory-Bank Calendar) which he can use to blow things up.
  10. The outfit in space is a Moonraker Space Suit.


  1. In the air without a parachute, Bond lands on another person in the air by guiding his body, then removes his opponent’s parachute and puts it on.
  2. When attacked by someone else also falling through the air, Bond pulls his opponent’s parachute to launch him up, and away from him.
  3. In order to cease a machine’s operation quickly, Bond fires a dart into it.
  4. Bond constantly romances women for intelligence.
  5. In order to discover the location of the safe, Bond asks about it, then watches where the eyes moved to find the general location.
  6. Pretending to shoot at a bird, Bond shoots at a hidden sniper which he has spotted.
  7. When a knife is thrown at him, Bond picks the knife up and throws it back at his opponent.
  8. Bond hides and watches someone enter his target to acquire the security code.
  9. When fighting, Bond throws his opponent into a glass case, then grabs a nearby rope to swing into his opponent. Finally, he throws the man out the window.
  10. To travel quickly, Bond grabs a chain and uses it to zip line across the landscape on a nearby wire.
  11. Bond grabs an air tank and sprays it at an opponent to catch him off guard.
  12. When his enemy brings in an unbeatable opponent, Bond turns the man against his enemy with his mind.

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For Your Eyes Only


  1. Money Penny has a beauty kit built into the file cabinet.
  2. Q’s gadgets included an umbrella that closes on its user to take off a head, a faux cast, and an “identigraph” which helps you recreate a face in a computer. (facial recognition)
  3. An enemy uses a candle with a concealed compartment for a recorder.
  4. Bond’s watch (Seiko H357 Duo Display) has a communicator.
  5. Bond’s car is a Lotus Esprit.
  6. Olin Mark VI skis are used.


  1. Trapped in a remote controlled helicopter, Bond climbs out of the back, into the front, disconnects the remote control device and manuvers the machine to safety.
  2. Bond grabs a nearby table umbrella, and uses it first as a spear, then as a makeshift parachute.
  3. Bond receives a message via a steamed mirror that has been drawn 0n.
  4. He uses a nearby pole to stop attacking motorists.
  5. To knock a persuer off his bike, Bond places a pole in between two trees as he passes.
  6. An ally throws down pistachio nuts to alert them of company (the sound of nuts crunching).
  7. In a storage warehouse, Bond lets out several large containers to roll over the enemy.
  8. Bond uses his shoelaces to climb up a rope.

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  1. Bond’s plane is hidden in a horse trailer.
  2. His pen contains acid, which he can use to eat away at iron bars and more.
  3. Bond’s watch (Seiko G757 Sports 100) is set up to integrate with a tiny homing device.
  4. A rope that turns into a ladder is used.
  5. Bond uses a small listening device to hear from afar.
  6. A mechanical crocodile is used to disguise a small boat.
  7. Bond’s car is a Alfa Romeo GTV6 Quadrifoglio.
  8. Bond’s gun is a Walther P-5.


  1. Bond pulls the parachutes open on two guards to send them flying back.
  2. Bond uses slight of hand to palm an expensive egg and switch it for a fake.
  3. Realizing that his opponent is using loaded dice, he uses a game rule to use the same dice to win.
  4. He also grabs a nearby flaming torch and throws it at his opposition.
  5. As Bond crashes through a paper back drop made to look like a poster, another poster comes down, hiding his escape.
  6. After feeling a drop of water from above, Bond quickly moves away, suspicions aroused, and just fast enough to miss an incoming weapon.
  7. Bond uses an obese (dead) man as a shield from gun fire.
  8. An umbrella is used to force the car to continue down train tracks (without rubber on the wheels).
  9. Bond hides in a gorilla costume to maintain cover, and later a clown to blend in with the circus setting.
  10. When threatened, he runs through a door, then opens it hard to slam his opponent in the face.

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Never Say Never Again


  1. Bond uses a poison dart to incapacitate an opponent.
  2. A smoke and light bomb is used as a distraction by Bond.
  3. An exploding pen allows Bond to blow things up easily.
  4. Bond uses a laser watch to break through chains.
  5. Bond’s motor bike, a black Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo features jet propulsion.
  6. A gadget similar to a jet pack is used by Bond to move rapidly through the air.
  7. Bond’s car is a convertible Bentley.


  1. Bond uses a telephone line as a zipline.
  2. When fighting, he throws a nearby beaker of fluid in opponent’s eyes to temporarily blind him.
  3. Bond pretends to be a masseuse at a club in order to pump information out of woman.
  4. A brilliant actor, Bond intimidates a security guard by giving his cigarette case and deceives him into believing the case to be a highly sensitive bomb that would explode if he moved.
  5. Bond notices a two way mirror, and assuming observation, he kisses a certain girl in order to provoke enemy  and has the girl pull alarm in order to send message using ship’s equipment.
  6. When his enemy believes that he has Bond cold, James asks about bomb locations because he has no choice but to die.
  7. In a prison cell, Bond escapes, climbs out of window, and when the guard comes and looks out, Bond pulls him of the window.
  8. Bond pulls his opponent off his horse by yanking on the reigns of the horse to buck the man off.
  9. Bond jams water propeller machine with knife to force the vehicle to stop.

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A View to a Kill


  1. Bond uses a detector to find a body and recover device.
  2. A submarine disguised as an iceberg is used to travel.
  3. Bond also uses a bug detector.
  4. He has glasses to see through curtains.
  5. James has a device to see imprint of past written things and uses it to see the last check written in a checkbook.
  6. Bond has ring which takes photos.
  7. Bond drinks Stolichnaya Vodka.


  1. Bond clips a rope to driver’s body, and pulls him away.
  2. He fired a smoke flare into helicopter as a distraction and enemy destruction.
  3. Bond uses doctor’s stethoscope to open safe.
  4. Bond uses shipping containers to pack enemy up.
  5. He hides in girl’s room when he knows he’s been detected missing.
  6. Bond forced underwater, Bond sees watchers, so he stays under, using tire’s air to breathe in order to fake his death.
  7. Bond being sucked with a fan, jams it with air tank in order to stay alive.
  8. Bond uses a credit card to open a locked window.
  9. Bond uses a fire hose as rope to pull a girl out of a dangerous spot.
  10. Bond switches on water from a fire truck to disarm opponent.

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Here’s part four for your reading pleasure!

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