What You Should Carry [Gear]

For a while, I’ve been working on a list of gadgets and other gear that I’d like to have with me at all times. Qualifications were that it had to be fairly legal and inexpensive, and fit in a small bag that could easily be hidden in a cache. Under optimal conditions, one would have a few of these stashed in several places easily accessible (like Bourne’s train station locker).






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  1. colin Avatar

    Nice list here. I’d like to add another suggestion: A high-vis vest. You can get away with doing just about anything in public with one of these. It’s lightweight, doesn’t take up much room in your bag, and can also be used for communication or signalling in a pinch.

  2. gt Avatar

    You might be interested in http://edcforums.com/ , forums dedicated to EverDay Carry items. I’d not seen the Gerber flashlight you’d mentioned before, it’s cheaper than the Fenix I was looking at picking up.

    I like swiss army knives, but they’re a bit fragile. They tend to break pretty easily with slight lateral stresses. A simple Benchmade folder would be a better option. Unless you’re looking for a weapon for your concealed pocket, which might be better suited to a fiberglass knife:



    Or you could make a fiberglass shank, it’s pretty easy. I’d stick to the dart-like design though…

    1. loneiguana Avatar

      Interesting… also considering Tim’s knife of choice

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