Tied Up Woman Types With Toes for Help [Brilliance in the News]

39-year-old Amy Windom was tied to her bed after being robbed at gunpoint around midnight last Tuesday. The robber had taken various items from her home and stolen her car. Windom struggled to free herself for hours before, in a feat (no pun intended) of incredible dexterity, she used her toes to type a message to her boyfriend on her laptop.

“Around 4:15 or so, I realized that he had left my laptop at the foot of my bed,” Windom said.

“I flipped my legs over my head and turned off my alarm clock so my radio wouldn’t be blaring and block me from hearing anybody walking by that might be able to help me, and I was like, ‘wow, I guess I can do more than I thought with my feet,’” so I dragged my laptop over with my feet and I pried it open.”


She said she used one big toe as a mouse, and grasped the end of her power cord between the toes on her other foot, “because my big toe was too big to hit individual keys.”

She typed a message telling her boyfriend to call 911, and police arrived a few minutes later.

Police: Toe typist’s attack may be linked to similar crime via Gizmodo

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