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  • How to Survive an Explosion

    Action movies often depict heroes nonchalantly walking away from tremendous explosions. While it might make for good entertainment, the truth is that you most likely wouldn’t be in any condition to walk away from a Hollywood-size explosion. Io9 looks at how explosions work, and why they can be so deadly. They also offer a tip […]

  • Pickpocket Prevention Tips

    Here’s a short list of tips for pickpocket prevention from FX World Chart. Most of it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s all solid advice. Don’t carry what you don’t need – if you don’t have it, a pickpocket can’t get it. Pickpockets prefer easy targets – if you can’t feel it on you, you probably can’t […]

  • Tips From a Professional Liar

    We’ve touched on how to detect a liar, and now here’s a look into the deceptive practices of former “professional liar” Clancy Martin. He shares a couple of tips in this kottke.org blog post from his experience in the luxury jewelry business, where a lie could often mean a little additional profit. According to Martin, […]

  • Snakebite Management and First Aid

    BFE Labs is a blog I recently discovered which covers topics such as wilderness survival, weapons, evasion, survival gear, and other subjects that may be of interest to Lone Iguana readers. Their latest article goes through techniques for managing a venomous snakebite, and touches on snakebite prevention, tactics for first aid and field care, and […]

  • How to Spot a Fake Autograph

    Forgeries and fakes are a serious issue for autograph and memorabilia collectors. Using techniques and tools such as auto-pens, stamps, and hand forgeries, fraudsters put a great deal of effort into making their work seem convincing. This Wikihow article is packed with tips and tricks for verifying the authenticity of an autograph and spotting a fake. Turn […]

  • Fire a Handgun Safely and Correctly

    Safety is the number one priority when dealing with any kind of firearm, as just one mistake or lapse in attention can be devastating. The Art of Manliness blog has put together  a nice tutorial that covers the basics of handgun safety and tips on how to actually hit your target. To get the lowdown on how […]

  • How to Move Quickly Through Crowds

    Navigating through a large crowd is not as easy as it would seem. Wired’s how-to wiki presents several tactics for moving fluidly through crowds. Apparently the main trick is to look down, watching the feet of the people around you. To get on autopilot, pedestrian-style, look down at the feet of the people around you. […]

  • 6 Signs Your Cell Phone May Be Tapped

    Have you noticed that your cell phone has been acting strangely? Somebody could be listening in on your conversations and invading your privacy. The following article offers six signs that your cell phone may be tapped, as well as tips on deceiving the eavesdropper. I’m not trying to scare you, but do you know how easy […]

  • Tip for Winning a Gunfight and More [Quotes]

    Rules of Thumb is a great source for tricks and tips. I recently spotted this trick for winning a gunfight on the site: If several people are advancing on you in a gunfight, shoot the one furthest away first, the closest one second, and then retreat or repeat the process. L. Geer, San Diego, California […]

  • 28 Tips and Tricks of Three Days of the Condor [How To Survive 3 Days]

    Three Days of the Condor is a outstanding spy film, filled with tricks galore. The best part? The star, Joe Turner (played by Robert Redford) is not spy or field agent, but simply a reader of everything to do with spying. In fact, most of the tricks he uses come from comics or other books. […]