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  • The Job of a Stuntman

    As part of their “So You Want My Job” series, The Art of Manliness recently interviewed stuntman Greg Tracy, who has worked on films such as The Bourne Ultimatum and GI Joe. Tracy talks about how he became a stuntman and different aspects of his job. It’s your typical summertime blockbuster film. The thieves sprint […]

  • A Stunt Guru Takes You Through The Stunts [Stunts]

    In a Maxim article (May 2009) titled, Cool Stunt, Man!, stunt guru Darrin Prescott (photo is not of him), the man in charge of stunts for the Bourne trilogy and Spider-man 3, shows us the stuntman ropes. How to take a punch 1. If a fist is flying toward your face, try to take the […]