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  • Protect Yourself Against Warrantless Mobile Phone Searches

    As a result of recent court cases, it is now legal in California and some other areas of the United States for law enforcement officers to search your cell phone upon arrest without a warrant. An article on Ars Technica provides an explanation of the law and instructions and tips for securing your phone and […]

  • 6 Signs Your Cell Phone May Be Tapped

    Have you noticed that your cell phone has been acting strangely? Somebody could be listening in on your conversations and invading your privacy. The following article offers six signs that your cell phone may be tapped, as well as tips on deceiving the eavesdropper. I’m not trying to scare you, but do you know how easy […]

  • Fake Your Phone Number

    Want to change your caller ID? How about record a call or disguise your voice on one? With Bluff My Call, you can. Try it for free, or buy a subscription, starting at $10. Bluff My Call is the first and only service that lets you use any Caller ID on the phone, do Voice Changing […]