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  • Survive a Robot Uprising, Build a Laser Tripwire, and More [Link Roundup]

    Zen Tracker allows you to track the location of up to 6 GPS-enabled phones for free. Instructables: Build Your Own Laser Tripwire with Webcam Capture Learn about the growth of competitive lock picking, or “Locksport”. The Hawkeye RC Chopper is capable of taking photos and recording video. “Your $65 personal spy drone”. A White House proposal […]

  • Link Roundup 3

    Scam School Erasing David Wilderness Survival Lessons from Hatchet The Best TED Talks [Learn From Others] ExiTool: A More Practical Approach To Escaping Your Automobile – Exittool – Gizmodo How blast-proof suits work – Boing Boing How Grenades Work Rules of Thumb – STUNT FLYING Subscribe:     RSS | Twitter | Email

  • Link Roundup 2

    Best Buy Missing 20 Laptops, Police on Lookout For Tom Cruise Wannabes – Mission impossible best buy robbery – Gizmodo Do A Total Background Check On Yourself – The Consumerist Skeptic » Reading Room » Learn to be a Psychic in 10 Easy Lessons The Boy Who Heard Too Much : Rolling Stone How to […]

  • Listen to Police, Fire and EMS Scanners and More [Link Roundup]

    I’ve been collecting a bunch of links for a while, and rather than have a post on each one, I thought I’d just let you enjoy them all. Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners A Pocket Detective for Daters TRAKR RC Car Lets You Spy With the Power of Apps Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s WEP […]