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  • Tips From a Professional Liar

    We’ve touched on how to detect a liar, and now here’s a look into the deceptive practices of former “professional liar” Clancy Martin. He shares a couple of tips in this kottke.org blog post from his experience in the luxury jewelry business, where a lie could often mean a little additional profit. According to Martin, […]

  • How to Detect a Liar

    Being able to identify a lie is a useful skill to have under your belt, and can work to your advantage in countless situations.  This article at The Art of Manliness introduces the art of detecting a liar. It’s an interesting read, but I’d like to point out that none of these techniques are foolproof. […]

  • How To Effectively Lie [Art of Deception]

    Tell a simple story. The more complex, the more you have to remember. Stay as close to the truth as possible. Try to keep eye contact, but not too much. Humans naturally look away to access real memories. Believe the lie. Envision the lie. Paint the story in your head. Read Paul Ekman’s book, Telling […]