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  • Now Is A Good Time To Talk About Trauma Kits

    Now is a good time to talk about trauma kits. You should have one. — ‏بوكيبلينكي (@pookleblinky) October 2, 2017 They’re right. And in this Twitter thread, they explain what you need: “First, you want a tourniquet. Soft-t is one of the best. Swat tourniquets are light, but less bombproof. Costs about $20. Take that shit […]

  • How to Survive an Explosion

    Action movies often depict heroes nonchalantly walking away from tremendous explosions. While it might make for good entertainment, the truth is that you most likely wouldn’t be in any condition to walk away from a Hollywood-size explosion. Io9 looks at how explosions work, and why they can be so deadly. They also offer a tip […]

  • Recognize the Real Signs of Drowning and Save a Life

    Despite how it’s often depicted in movies and on TV, drowning is not the violent struggle that most of us imagine. In fact, it’s really almost the opposite. Hit the link and read the full guide for tips on how to recognize the Instinctive Drowning Response. We’ve all been conditioned to believe that a drowning person […]

  • 10 Second Paracord Handcuffs

    This is a simple trick from Instructables user Jake22 for quickly making secure handcuffs from a length of paracord. Back during my military service we used to use these for POW’s.  Zip tie handcuffs are much more common now. As with all restraints – the object is to restrict the movement of a supervised detainee. It […]

  • When You Call 911 [Emergency]

    “Operator! Give me the number for 911!”-The Simpsons Emergency! Call 911. In that type of situation, you should always be aware what you should do. First, before you do anything else, say your current location and whether you need police, fire assistance or an ambulance. This is done so that the operator can dispatch the […]

  • How to Survive Natural Disasters [Survival]

    With Haiti a big part of the news, you may be wondering if you are prepared to have something like that happen to you. The Big Picture has some tips and links for surviving disasters. Start with the basics: Store in a cool dry place plenty of bottled water, batteries, flashlights, and a radio. Candles, […]

  • Driver Shoots His Way Out Of Submerged Car [Stories]

    Talk about James Bond. This article talks about a man who managed to get out of a sinking car by shooting the window with a nearby gun. The Roseville Fire Department said the man used his handgun to shoot out his vehicle window, giving himself an opportunity to escape and swim to safety. via Neatorama […]

  • Debunking The Myths: Common Home Emergencies [Emergency]

    Dumb Little Man has a great article about common home emergencies, including some not so common surival emergencies. Here they talk about snake bites: Do you rip off your shirt and wrap the wound? Suck out the poison and spit it on the ground? Get out your pocket knife and carefully cut the wound open […]