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Here is the logic: Many kids, adults and in between love the idea of masterminds, thieves and spies. This is shown in the enormous interest in James Bond, Jason Bourne, Batman, etc. These are all cool jobs that many would like to have or try out. The Art of Manliness is running a series called So You Want My Job and a now inactive site, Tricks of the Trade also satisfied this craving. But for those that love learning tips and tricks of cool “trades” this blog is a must.

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Read This: The Tipping Point [Screw With People’s Minds]

The Tipping Point is so utterly thick with information, that I literally sat down, read the first couple pages and stopped. The rest of the night, I thought, consciously and unconsciously about what it said. So when you read this book, take your time.

I enjoy reading dense, amazing and psychological books. They can help me figure out why people do crazy, absurd, illogical things. Understanding your actions and the actions of others can help you survive school, work and many difficult, complicated social situations. The Tipping Point is one of those books. Just in the first several chapters you get a sense of why and how trends start and how you can connect to someone across the country.

This wee bit of information can help you create an internet meme, find a job and understand why Uggs are so popular, despite the name.

This is another unbelievably great book that should be read slowly, for maximum understanding. Ready to take the plunge? Grab a copy here.

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