94 Tricks and Tools of James Bond: Part 4 [How to Be Bond]

Tweet Previously, I explored the many tricks, tips and tools of Jason Bourne, and the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond (part 1, 2 and 3) . Now, let’s continue with exploring the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond, part 4. This article will delve into the tips, tricks and gadgets of James […]

Locksmiths, Murder and Matches [Link Roundup]

Tweet When You Call A Locksmith, Will A Con Man Answer? : NPR Voicemail hacking and the ‘phone hacking’ scandal – how it worked, questions to be asked and improvements to be made Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Do (and Everyone Should Know) Recreational lockpicking workshop at Maker Faire Detroit – Boing Boing The Vidocq […]

Flip Flops, Survival and Glasses [Link Roundup]

Tweet How to Hide Secret Messages and Codes in Audio Files – Lifehacker 7 Tools to Help You Survive a Summer Night in Central Park – Gizmodo ArchPort Flip Flops with Hidden Storage Stealth TV-B-Gone in a jacket – Boing Boing HD Spy Glasses Let You Stalk Future Plaintiffs in 720p – Gizmodo Everything That […]

Cloaks, Alarms and Armor [Link Roundup]

Tweet All the Essential Gear You Need for The Rapture – Gizmodo A Modern-Day Invisibility Cloak (Er, Necklace) – Gizmodo Logitech Alert Security System Watches Over Your Castle, Day or Night The Hero Training Workouts: Putting It All Together | The Art of Manliness ThinkGeek :: Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard The man who loves books […]