How to Survive a 35,000-Foot Fall [Survival]

Tweet OK, you’re falling out of an airplane, 35,000 feet up, scared out of your mind. Only one thing is occupying it right now, the instructions from an article in Popular Mechanics on how to survive a 35,000 foot fall. Glass hurts, but it gives. So does grass. Haystacks and bushes have cushioned surprised-to-be-alive free-fallers. […]

A Stunt Guru Takes You Through The Stunts [Stunts]

Tweet In a Maxim article (May 2009) titled, Cool Stunt, Man!, stunt guru Darrin Prescott (photo is not of him), the man in charge of stunts for the Bourne trilogy and Spider-man 3, shows us the stuntman ropes. How to take a punch 1. If a fist is flying toward your face, try to take […]

Run Barefoot for Efficiency [Run]

Tweet On the run? Running from something? Need to be able to run fast? Wearing shoes? The latest research shows that running barefoot, and practicing running barefoot strengthens different muscles and is better for you. Scientists have found that those who run barefoot, or in minimal footwear, tend to avoid “heel-striking,” and instead land on […]

6 Ways You Can Eat Like an Olympian [Food]

Tweet Olympians have always been known for being incredibly fit and athletic. Part is their body, but another part is what they eat. Want to eat like the great athletes? Read on. Grab a Banana Athletes know that fruits are an essential part of their diet. The banana is THE fruit that every athlete knows […]

Read Houdini’s Books for Free Online [Learn From The Pros]

Tweet Houdini is a big name in the world of magic, escapes and physical tricks. Read for free his books on topics such as ventriloquism, criminals, and more by browsing through Google Books. [via BoingBoing] Photo: Vancouver Public Library Subscribe:     RSS | Twitter | Email

David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 min [Talk]

Tweet It’s worth noting that Neatorama had this sound advice on atempting anything like this: Unlike conventional modern “magic,” what was involved in the underwater breathhold was not special effects or hidden technology.  Instead, Blaine prepared using a combination of hypoxic tent training to increase his hematocrit, preloading with 100% oxygen, meditation to decrease his […]