Kids, Gadgets and Whistleblowers [Link Roundup]

Tweet Home Office whistleblowers – hints and tips – Spy Blog – View topic – Here’s my survival kit and it’s contents – UPDATED @ CERT : Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) Fifty Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do) – Boing Boing Spy Stuff » Coolest Gadgets Top 10 Barely-legal Gadgets […]

Secret Service, Card Sniffing and Proxies [Link Roundup]

Tweet Inside the Secret Service – Magazine – The Atlantic MobilityWod FareBot: an Android transit-card sniffer – Boing Boing The CIA’s Flickr Page Is Awesomely Bad Martial Arts of Beginners | The Art of Manliness How To Survive in the Wilderness Using Your Mobile Phonefavorite blogsSPY Blog Install PHProxy in Your Web Space to Access […]

5 Incredible TV Shows You Need to Watch [Reviews]

Tweet Wow. I have discovered so many awesome TV shows in the past week, I felt compelled to share them here. TV shows with incredible pace, action and, of course, spying, tricks and deception. Sherlock Sherlock is a very well done BBC television series, featuring a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Watching the show is like […]

Travel Tips [Link Roundup]

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