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  • Energizer Night Strike Flashlights

    Tech blog BoingBoing recently reviewed Energizer’s Night Strike LED flashlights. Each model incorporates a rugged, waterproof design and multi-colored LEDs, along with a host of other useful features specific to each model, making them the perfect tools for illuminating your covert nighttime operations. One of these will set you back eighty US dollars. Energizer’s rugged Night Strike LED flashlights, […]

  • DTMF Decoder [Ideas Come True]

    As you may, or may not have known, I have wanted an online DTMF decoder for a while. What is a DTMF decoder? It’s a tool that lets you take the audio of the beeps of a phone number being dialed, and turns it into an actual phone number. Awesome. Anyway, my dream has become […]

  • Reverse Geocache

    Arduino forum member RickP made this “reverse geocache” from a French army medical box. I love the nixie tube display and the fact that it looks like something from a spy movie. The box only opens at the right GPS coordinates, and is trackable on He uses an Arduino, a GPS sensor, and a trio of nixie tubes, […]

  • Protect Yourself Against Warrantless Mobile Phone Searches

    As a result of recent court cases, it is now legal in California and some other areas of the United States for law enforcement officers to search your cell phone upon arrest without a warrant. An article on Ars Technica provides an explanation of the law and instructions and tips for securing your phone and […]

  • You Can Buy Jason Bourne’s Pencil, But You Can’t Kill Anyone With It

    By far, the most popular post on Lone Iguana is the guide to becoming Jason Bourne, a complete analysis of the films. And the most popular item folks click on is the pencil Bourne uses in The Bourne Supremacy. It’s the rOtring 600 Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm. Perfect for crossing names off your list.

  • How to Crack a Credit Card Number

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  • Card Sharp Credit Card Knife

    A knife is one of the simplest, most versatile tools you can own, and a sharp blade can be a valuable asset in a wide variety of situations. The Card Sharp is a small pocket knife with a 76mm blade that unfolds into a flat profile the same size as a credit card. This compact […]

  • Pick Locks

    We’ve talked a bunch about locks here, from profiles on masters, to sliding locks, airplane bathroom locks and padlocks. But one of the key things is to be able to have the right tools are your disposal. Thanks to Wired, and some research, we’ve discovered several sets that might be of interest. (Keep in mind this […]

  • Use A Soda Can to Pick a Combination Lock [Lock Pick]

    Single-dial padlocks are those really common locks that you see on lockers and some bike chains. They are also really easy to open. (Please read our legal section before continuing). Here’s a great how-to on picking those locks with a cut up soda can. You can also check out the video embedded below for more guidance (it […]

  • Set Up a Simple Webcam Surveillance System

    This video tutorial from Tinkernut demonstrates how to set up a simple home surveillance system. Using free software and a few webcams or wireless IP cameras, you can keep an eye on things from anywhere you’re able to access the internet. Once you have the hardware, it’s as easy as adding your webcams to a […]