94 Tricks and Tools of James Bond: Part 4 [How to Be Bond]

Previously, I explored the many tricks, tips and tools of Jason Bourne, and the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond (part 1, 2 and 3) . Now, let’s continue with exploring the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond, part 4. This article will delve into the tips, tricks and gadgets of James Bond’s following five films, The Living Daylights, License to Kill, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough. (Yes, spoilers may be found ahead. Tread carefully.)

The Living Daylights


  1. Bond’s cigarette case conceals a pair of binoculars.
  2. He also uses night vision goggles.
  3. A boombox which doubles as a gun is used.
  4. Bond’s key chain releases stun gas or blows things up depending on the tune he whistles.
  5. Q developed a couch that sucks in a person making them disappear temporarily.
  6. Bond’s enemy has a watch which wirelessly alerts his guards of danger.
  7. Bond has a pair of glasses which also act as binoculars.
  8. Bond’s watch is a Rolex Submariner.
  9. Bond uses a Walther WA 2000 Sniper Rifle.
  10. Bond’s car of choice, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series III has a “laser beam cutter, lower front firing automatic missiles, studded tires, skis that protrude from under the doors, plane cockpit style head-up display, a special radio with multi-transmission accessibility, hinged number plates, bullet-proof glass, a rocket jet propulsion unit and [a] self-destruct button.”


  1. Bond jumps on the roof of a truck and cuts through the canvas with a knife to attack the driver.
  2. He drives the car off a cliff, pulling his parachute to save himself.
  3. Bond uses an oil pipeline to covertly ship an asset across the border.
  4. The enemy uses a headphone cord to strangle his target, then pretends to be milk man carrying exploding milk bottles, and finally assumes the identity of ambulance assistance to escape.
  5. In order to distract pursuers, Bond places a decoy in a phone booth, using a cello case covered with a coat.
  6. Bond drives a car into a shack, creating a target for his pursuers to fire at, without hitting him.
  7. He then cuts a hole in the ice of the frozen lake with a tireless wheel to send his enemy plummeting through the ice.
  8. Bond uses a car that has skis as well as rocket propulsion.
  9. He uses his handy cello case as sled to rapidly cross a border.
  10. When he needs to move, Bond hitchhikes on the back of vegetable truck.
  11. Needing a distraction for a male guard, Bond takes off a girl’s top.
  12. Bond constantly fakes death in order to keep his enemy unaware and unfocused on him.
  13. Escaping, Bond goes to the roof, then jumps over rooftops to flee quickly.
  14. Forced to think in a jam, Bond gets in a car with a few random inviting girls to get away.
  15. Bond, being charitable, helps another man jailed escape with him, and his favor is quickly reciprocated with assistance by his new comrade.
  16. They steal a ladder for boarding planes to get over a tall fence.
  17. Bond cuts off his boot grasped by his opponent in order to detach himself from him.
  18. He then smartly drops a bomb on bridge to cut off enemy troop supply.
  19. Finally, to escape from a quickly dropping airplane, Bond uses a parachute attached to a jeep to land the car safely by driving out of the plane and deploying the chute.

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License to Kill


  1. Bond employes a disguise that resembles a manta ray to avoid underwater radar detection.
  2. Bond’s companion has explosive toothpaste, an exploding alarm clock, a video camera gun, an optical palm reader that reads prints, and a Polaroid camera with a laser beam and X-ray capabilities.
  3. A walkie-talkie concealed in a broom is used.


  1. In need of a short distraction, Bond simply throws some worms in the face of an opponent.
  2. Bond uses a nearby hook to pull an enemy down into an eel tank.
  3. In the water, he shoots a diver with a harpoon gun, then steals the dead man’s air tank for oxygen.
  4. Bond also shoots a harpoon at the bottom of a plane, and uses the connection to water ski in order to follow the enemy.
  5. Bond uses a large block of money as bullet shield.
  6. Bond slams the head of an adversary onto table, and also uses a chandelier to swing and hit another attacker.
  7. Bond tips a bell hop excessively to win as much power as much as possible quickly.
  8. Later, he pretends to be a waiter, in order to ride up on an elevator undetected.
  9. Bond uses a tactic which frames one enemy against another, effectively getting the two to hit each other and kill two birds with one stone.
  10. Bond sprays a rival with a fire extinguisher.
  11. Driving a truck, Bond releases some gas to create oil slick, and deter his foes.

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  1. Bond has an alarm code breaker.
  2. His car has a radio (Alpine 7817R) that can print and communicate with HQ.
  3. Bond uses satellite images to gather information about his target. Google Maps and Google Earth are comparable.
  4. Q’s gadgets include: a fake leg cast acting as a missile shooter; a BMW Z3 with a parachute, radar, self destruct, a wine chiller and steel missiles; a belt with repelling cord; a telephone box with an expanding air bag to suffocate occupant; a tray X-ray document scanner; a Parker Jotter pen that when clicked several times arms a bomb; and an ejector seat.
  5. Bond’s watch, an Omega Seamaster 2541.80, has a laser.
  6. He wears a Galco Executive Shoulder Holster.
  7. Bond uses a Digital Camera Monocular.


  1. Bond bungee jumps to his destination, using a carabiner on the railing, and then uses a gun with a grappling hook to prevent bouncing back up after the fall.
  2. Bond uses a laser to cut a hole, then comes down through an air grate into bathroom and knocks out the occupant.
  3. A target, Bond uses gas tanks as a barrier to prevent his assailants from shooting because that would blow everything up.
  4. Bond shoots at a grate to release barrels to crush incoming soldiers.
  5. Needing an escape, Bond grabs the pilot of the plane, pulls him out of it, then drives a motorcycle off a cliff in pursuit, maneuvering himself into the falling unmanned plane. He then pulls the plane out of the fall and to safety.
  6. When he sees the reflection of someone behind him, Bond grabs towel and uses it to disarm and strangle his opponent.
  7. Fighting an attacker, Bond bashes a car door into the man and then places a gun to his chest.
  8. Requiring a getaway, Bond slams his head against the ejector button of his holding cell, the nose of a plane, to escape being blown up.
  9. Bond smashes a ladder against the legs of a rival to disarm him.
  10. Later, he knocks over some book cases for the domino effect to take out his adversaries.
  11. Bond jumps out of a window and steals a nearby army tank to pursue another vehicle with power.
  12. Bond arms a bomb, lets out gasoline in the tank to make sure the explosion spreads, and then surrenders to get as far away as possible from the incoming explosion.
  13. Cleverly, Bond changes the codes for access to weapons.
  14. Needing a distraction, Bond has a girl lie down and fake unconsciousness, waits for unsuspecting guards to react, and then drops down from the ceiling.
  15. Bond jams gears on a satellite dish to prevent movement of equipment and the sending of signals.

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Tomorrow Never Dies


  1. Bond uses a wireless video camera to gather intelligence.
  2. A cigarette case conceals a bomb.
  3. Bond’s BMW Cruiser R 1200 C comes with a remote control, extensive car security, and other sweet features.
  4. In a pinch, Bond steals a BMW 750iL for a getaway.
  5. Bond’s cell phone features: a finger print scanner, high voltage security, car control, a lock pick, and a scrambler to avoid interception of messages.
  6. Bond’s Chinese counterpart’s gadgets include: a fan that shoots string and darts, and a fire breathing dragon.
  7. His weapon of choice is a Walther P99.
  8. Bond wears a Church’s Presley and an Angels & Bermans Leather Jacket.


  1. Bond ably uses a plane’s ejector seat to take care of an enemy.
  2. Needing to get down hastily, Bond latches on to a banner to get down a tall building.
  3. In order to incapacitate a chaser, Bond throws a steel cord around the rotor of the helicopter.
  4. Bond kills a member of the opposition with a knife, then fakes the man as himself to fake his death.
  5. He later uses a glass jar and a grenade with a remote to create a bomb.

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The World Is Not Enough


  1. Bond’s glasses, Blue Tinted Black Framed Sunglasses, allow him to see through clothes for weapons.
  2. His boat has jet propulsion, submarine capabilities, torpedos, and excellent GPS.
  3. Q’s gadgets include: a bagpipe with a gun and fire shooter, a coat that encloses a person in a bubble and a credit card lock pick.
  4. Bond’s watch shoots repelling cord.
  5. His remote control car has missiles.
  6. MI6 uses a satellite that picks up body heat and uses that to form a comprehensive map.
  7. Bond wears Calvin Klein 2007 glasses, a Linen Suit Replica and a Omega Outdoor Agencies Ski Suit.
  8. He brings a Samsonite Xylem Business Case.
  9. Bond also drinks Talisker Whisky.


  1. Bond ties the window sash to his belt to get out of the window safely.
  2. He realizes some bills are coated with explosives when his finger tips begin to foam after touching them, then some liquid.
  3. Bond impersonates his enemy, taking his ID badge, and then switching the photo.
  4. Bond swings on nearby chains to get away fast.
  5. Bond shoots at the gas tank to blow up a helicopter.
  6. M uses clock batteries to arm her GPS signal with power.
  7. Bond brings a submarine to the surface in order to make sure it shows up on his agency’s radar.

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Here’s part five!

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