48 Tricks and Tools of James Bond: Part 5 [How to Be Bond]

To wrap up our insanely long round up of James Bond tricks, here is the summarized edition.

Best Of:

  • [Dr. No] While this is not explicitly said, we can assume that Bond uses a business card that features just his phone number. This might be done in order not to give too much away about his location or occupation, including not mentioning his name so that he can assume any alias. Update: Bond, in fact, uses a business card featuring Universal Exports and a phone number which is answered by MI6 as Universal Exports. (Thanks Jamie!)
  • [Dr. No] In order to secure his hotel room, he applies a type of powder to the catches on his suitcase and a damp hair on a door. When the door is opened, the hair falls off, letting him know that someone has been snooping. Likewise, the powder gives away prying fingers.
  • [Dr. No] Hiding from the enemy, Bond gets a reed cut, and uses it as a makeshift snorkel underwater to prevent getting seen by humans and smelled by dogs.
  • [From Russia With Love] When attacked by boats, Bond rolls gasoline drums into the water, then shoots them to create explosions that destroy the boats.
  • [Goldfinger] When fighting attackers, he sends one into a tub of water, then throws a lamp into the tub to electrocute the man.
  • [Thunderball] Bond records audio in his room using a tape recorder when he goes out. Then, when he comes back, he replays the recording speedily to find noises of intruders to tip him off where the intruder is.
  • [Thunderball] In the poor position of being surrounded by the enemy, Bond shoots at both sides, then gets out of the way, which causes the enemy to turn against each other.
  • [Diamonds Are Forever] Bond pretends to be making out with himself, wrapping his arms around himself in the dark to deceive others.
  • [Live and Let Die] Bond combines his aftershave and a cigar to create a fire to scare away a snake.
  • [Moonraker] In order to discover the location of the safe, Bond asks about it, then watches where the eyes moved to find the general location.
  • [Moonraker] To travel quickly, Bond grabs a chain and uses it to zip line across the landscape on a nearby wire.
  • [For Your Eyes Only] Bond grabs a nearby table umbrella, and uses it first as a spear, then as a makeshift parachute.
  • [Never Say Never Again] When fighting, he throws a nearby beaker of fluid in opponent’s eyes to temporarily blind him.
  • [A View to A Kill] Bond forced underwater, Bond sees watchers, so he stays under, using tire’s air to breathe in order to fake his death.
  • [The Living Daylights] In order to distract pursuers, Bond places a decoy in a phone booth, using a cello case covered with a coat.
  • [GoldenEye] A target, Bond uses gas tanks as a barrier to prevent his assailants from shooting because that would blow everything up.
  • [Tomorrow Never Dies] In order to incapacitate a chaser, Bond throws a steel cord around the rotor of the helicopter.
  • [Tomorrow Never Dies] Bond kills a member of the opposition with a knife, then fakes the man as himself to fake his death.
  • [The World Is Not Enough] Bond’s glasses, Blue Tinted Black Framed Sunglasses, allow him to see through clothes for weapons.
  • [Die Another Day] In order to escape from a falling vehicle, Bond fashions a waterboard together with a parachute and in a practice known as kite-surfing, gets away.
  • [Die Another Day] Bond pulls the parachute of an opponent to send him sprawling away.
  • [Casino Royale] Bond finds his target’s gun, empties it and leaves it where he found it, in order to stay a step ahead.
  • [Casino Royale] Bond’s opponent uses a ruse of trying on sunglasses to check for tails.
  • [Quantum of Solace] Looking for clues, Bond checks for messages for a dead suspect in the hotel lobby.


Updates and Additional Tricks:
  • From Russia With Love: Employs reverse psychology on Red Grant by pretending to be eager to open his attache case, making Grant suspicious and getting him to open it himself. –Napoleon Plural
  • Goldfinger: Locked in a cell in GF, he arouses the guard’s suspicions and dips out of view. Guard opens door, curious, cell seems open. Bond drops on top of him from above, pandemonium ensues. –Napoleon Plural
  • Live and Let Die: He rigs the pack of cards so Solitaire loses her virginity to him. –Napoleon Plural
  • Never Say Never Again: A plank in floor rises up on stairwell, tripping over assailant. –Napoleon Plural
  • A View to a Kill: Bond recorded conversation with him and Tibbet fools eavesdroppers while he and his man nip outside on the balcony for a chat. Seemingly borrowed from Kananga in LALD. –Napoleon Plural
  • Octopussy: Bond notices that Kamal had loaded dice (so that he kept getting a double 6) and uses the same dice to win. –dr. evan-gelist

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