Family Survival Tips and Tricks

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This guest post was written by Dan Chabert, a writer, traveler, and ultramarathon distance runner.

In the face of an emergency such as a natural disaster, rioting, or any other crisis situation, it is always essential that families make plans and preparations for such periods. The first thing you think about in emergency situation will be the safety of your family. This is why it is advisable to make prior arrangements in case of unforeseen circumstances.

In preparing for such situations, it is equally important for the planner to know the right survival supplies to get and to have the necessary survival skills – such as hunting – to be equipped with in order to outlive such periods. It is as a result of this that I’ve decided to come up with this article/guide to show you some survival tips and tricks that should come in handy during such times of crisis.

All members of the family need to be involved in the planning process so that everyone – not including babies anyway – should know what exactly that they are supposed to do in such cases. Many considerations should be taken into account while making such plans. The following should be done in preparation for, and potentially during such emergency situations.

  • Always include every family member in the planning process and ensure to explain everything to everyone as often as possible. You can teach young children things like memorizing their address, their full names, and their parents’ or guardians’ names etc; as this can be very useful in cases when they are separated from you.
  • Plan for one or more family meeting sites and ensure that every member of the family knows the place. This is done in case you cannot return to your home in the event of a crisis or disaster.
  • Teach your kids how to use emergency numbers like 911, and what they should say to the dispatcher in such cases.
  • Ensure you have an out-of-state contact person to call in case of an emergency, and make sure that your children know how to reach them.
  • If you are staying in your home in such emergency situations, you should turn off your utilities to prevent your home to prevent further damages especially when such services are restored. For instance, when electricity is restored in a flooded area, it creates the risk of an electric shock or possibly electrocution. Also make sure to specify a room in your home to be used in times of crisis/disaster. This room should serve as an emergency fort in such situations.
  • Ensure that every member of the family has proper identification. You can do this by gathering before such times, personal items such as their birth certificates, medical cards, etc. and putting them into a durable bag or container (to protect the items during such periods).
  • You should make plans for basic survival supplies such as food, clothing, water, and portable cooking gear and so on. You should plan for 3 days worth of food and water for each member of the family.
  • When selecting foods, choose those that are non-perishable and don’t need refrigeration. Choose foods that require little or no cooking and need little or no water for processing them.
  • Do not eat hot or salty foods in hot weather as they require you to drink extra water. You should eat warm foods in cold weather to help keep the body warm.
  • Ensure that you do not save small portions of food as they can attract animals and can spoil. You should buy portable cooking equipment such as light gas stoves that are not heavy to carry and can efficiently use propane gas.
  • For clothing, you should plan for cold weather by taking extra clothing to preserve heat.
  • When purchasing tents, you should go for mountaineering tents as they are the best because of their durability and ruggedness against the elements. You should consider the size of your family while purchasing the tent(s) so as to provide sufficient space for everyone.
  • When purchasing your survival equipment, you should buy items that are waterproof.
  • Try as much as possible to discuss who will be getting what. It is advisable to have a clear plan of what will be picked up, and who is responsible for picking it up. Who will get the baby? Who will purchase food supplies? Who will pick the kids up from school or the baby sitter? What are the order of doing things? Try as much as possible to sort things like this out early enough. When an emergency situation arises, rather than panicking, you already have a proposed plan to follow.
  • Plan where to meet – it is advisable to agree on a meeting point where everyone can converge. This can be simply meeting at a nearby lawn close to your home in case of fire disaster or meeting at the house of a relative miles away if you get separated. If your kids are at school, plan a place to pick them up. Think of all possible circumstances, make sure everyone understands the plan.

The following tips and tricks are also useful when your family is caught in the wild.

  • To stay cool in desert areas, you can take a piece of cloth and soak it in liquid; then tie the cloth around your head to reduce heat stroke.
  • You can keep yourself warm by using dry leaves, dry grass and newspapers (if available) under your clothes.
  • You can also get water from trees by doing this: wrap a plastic bag around leaves that are directly exposed to sunlight. When the sun heats the leaves in the bag, they evaporate water that is then trapped in the bag. Although this water might not be pure, it’s usually better than nothing.
  • You can also relieve bug bites by rubbing toothpaste on the bitten area.
  • Hand sanitizers can be used to strengthen fires as they are known to contain alcohol – which is flammable.
  • Through a combination of fresh pines and spruce, you can create thick signal fires. When creating these fires, it is advisable to start on elevated surfaces such as on hill tops, and ideally clearings, in order to prevent the fire from spreading and turning into a forest fire.
  • When you finish using foods that come with aluminum foil, make sure to keep the foil as it can  be very useful. You can use the bits to create makeshift container to hold food or water. They can also be used as a base for starting fires when the ground is damp or after a rainfall. See more food-related gear here.
  • While camping, it is advisable to blend your gear with the surrounding environment by using camouflage. This is done to reduce attention so as to prevent theft after a crisis/disaster period in case you have money or other valuables. You can blend your gear by covering your tent with an old, worn tarpaulin; also you shouldn’t select gear with conspicuous bright colors but instead those that blend with nature.
  • Another useful tip involves memorizing the map of your surrounding or having a map of your area at all times. You should also try to know the landmarks in your area as this can be a useful tool when you get lost.
  • To make a makeshift grill in an emergency situation, you can use metal rods or extra tent picks by laying them across two logs of wood over a fire.
  • Try not to use unclean water from a stream to wash cuts or wounds. This is because as clean as such water appears to be, it actually contains a lot of micro-organisms like bacteria; thus, making it unsafe for treating injuries.
  • Always carry a first aid kit. It should contain at least most of the following items: sterile dressings, sterile gloves, cleansing agent, antibiotic ointment, burn ointment, a thermometer, prescription and non-prescription medication such as aspirin and so on.
  • Additional items to take along include a small ax, dust masks, flashlight or lanterns – preferably solar powered ones, walkie-talkies for communication, etc.
  • Process your food away from your campsite so as not to attract animals to the camp.
  • You should always sleep on elevated grounds to reduce heat loss. You can stack up leaves or logs of wood to make a sort of padded bed.
  • Carry along with you water-purifying tablets as an alternative to boiling water.
  • You should have at the least 2 signal mirrors with you. One is used to reflect some of the incident sunlight onto the sky to catch the attention of rescuers (maybe rescue helicopter or airplane) on one side, while also reflecting sunlight onto the second mirror on the other side to signal probable rescuers on the opposite side.


Having at least some of these tips and tricks above at hand could be really invaluable to every family, especially in emergency situations as have been already mentioned. Although they are useful, the survival of a family during crisis or disaster periods does not solely depend upon them; the survival skills and even common sense are still essential if any family plans on outliving such periods.

The Tim Ferriss Experiment

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The Best of James Bond’s Tricks [Roundup of 388 Bond Tricks and Tools]

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To wrap up our insanely long round up of James Bond tricks, here is the summarized edition.

Best Of:

  • [Dr. No] While this is not explicitly said, we can assume that Bond uses a business card that features just his phone number. This might be done in order not to give too much away about his location or occupation, including not mentioning his name so that he can assume any alias. Update: Bond, in fact, uses a business card featuring Universal Exports and a phone number which is answered by MI6 as Universal Exports. (Thanks Jamie!)
  • [Dr. No] In order to secure his hotel room, he applies a type of powder to the catches on his suitcase and a damp hair on a door. When the door is opened, the hair falls off, letting him know that someone has been snooping. Likewise, the powder gives away prying fingers.
  • [Dr. No] Hiding from the enemy, Bond gets a reed cut, and uses it as a makeshift snorkel underwater to prevent getting seen by humans and smelled by dogs.
  • [From Russia With Love] When attacked by boats, Bond rolls gasoline drums into the water, then shoots them to create explosions that destroy the boats.
  • [Goldfinger] When fighting attackers, he sends one into a tub of water, then throws a lamp into the tub to electrocute the man.
  • [Thunderball] Bond records audio in his room using a tape recorder when he goes out. Then, when he comes back, he replays the recording speedily to find noises of intruders to tip him off where the intruder is.
  • [Thunderball] In the poor position of being surrounded by the enemy, Bond shoots at both sides, then gets out of the way, which causes the enemy to turn against each other.
  • [Diamonds Are Forever] Bond pretends to be making out with himself, wrapping his arms around himself in the dark to deceive others.
  • [Live and Let Die] Bond combines his aftershave and a cigar to create a fire to scare away a snake.
  • [Moonraker] In order to discover the location of the safe, Bond asks about it, then watches where the eyes moved to find the general location.
  • [Moonraker] To travel quickly, Bond grabs a chain and uses it to zip line across the landscape on a nearby wire.
  • [For Your Eyes Only] Bond grabs a nearby table umbrella, and uses it first as a spear, then as a makeshift parachute.
  • [Never Say Never Again] When fighting, he throws a nearby beaker of fluid in opponent’s eyes to temporarily blind him.
  • [A View to A Kill] Bond forced underwater, Bond sees watchers, so he stays under, using tire’s air to breathe in order to fake his death.
  • [The Living Daylights] In order to distract pursuers, Bond places a decoy in a phone booth, using a cello case covered with a coat.
  • [GoldenEye] A target, Bond uses gas tanks as a barrier to prevent his assailants from shooting because that would blow everything up.
  • [Tomorrow Never Dies] In order to incapacitate a chaser, Bond throws a steel cord around the rotor of the helicopter.
  • [Tomorrow Never Dies] Bond kills a member of the opposition with a knife, then fakes the man as himself to fake his death.
  • [The World Is Not Enough] Bond’s glasses, Blue Tinted Black Framed Sunglasses, allow him to see through clothes for weapons.
  • [Die Another Day] In order to escape from a falling vehicle, Bond fashions a waterboard together with a parachute and in a practice known as kite-surfing, gets away.
  • [Die Another Day] Bond pulls the parachute of an opponent to send him sprawling away.
  • [Casino Royale] Bond finds his target’s gun, empties it and leaves it where he found it, in order to stay a step ahead.
  • [Casino Royale] Bond’s opponent uses a ruse of trying on sunglasses to check for tails.
  • [Quantum of Solace] Looking for clues, Bond checks for messages for a dead suspect in the hotel lobby.


Updates and Additional Tricks:
  • From Russia With Love: Employs reverse psychology on Red Grant by pretending to be eager to open his attache case, making Grant suspicious and getting him to open it himself. –Napoleon Plural
  • Goldfinger: Locked in a cell in GF, he arouses the guard’s suspicions and dips out of view. Guard opens door, curious, cell seems open. Bond drops on top of him from above, pandemonium ensues. –Napoleon Plural
  • Live and Let Die: He rigs the pack of cards so Solitaire loses her virginity to him. –Napoleon Plural
  • Never Say Never Again: A plank in floor rises up on stairwell, tripping over assailant. –Napoleon Plural
  • A View to a Kill: Bond recorded conversation with him and Tibbet fools eavesdroppers while he and his man nip outside on the balcony for a chat. Seemingly borrowed from Kananga in LALD. –Napoleon Plural
  • Octopussy: Bond notices that Kamal had loaded dice (so that he kept getting a double 6) and uses the same dice to win. –dr. evan-gelist

Bonus Features:


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48 Tricks and Tools of James Bond: Part 5 [How to Be Bond]

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Previously, I explored the many tricks, tips and tools of Jason Bourne, and the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond (part 1, 23 and 4) . Now, let’s end with exploring the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond, part 5. This article will delve into the tips, tricks and gadgets of James Bond’s last three films, Die Another Day, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. As you might suspect, spoilers can be found ahead.

Die Another Day


  1. Bond has a watch with a bomb trigger and a laser.
  2. MI6 has developed glasses that create simulated virtual reality for training.
  3. One of Q’s gadgets is a ring that emits a tone that can break bullet proof glass.
  4. Bond’s car, a Aston Martin Vanquish, is able to become invisible. He also drives a Ski-Doo MX Z-REV snowmobile.
  5. Bond also uses a rebreather to breath under water.
  6. Drunk in the film were Bollinger champagne, Finlandia vodka, Heineken beer, 7 Up, and Ty Nant curvy PET bottles.
  7. Bond wears Brioni suits, a Ballantyne Cashmere Sweater, an Omega Seamaster Swatch watch, armed with a Walther P99 and shaves with Phillips Electronics Philishave Sensotec and Norelco Spectra shavers. Another character uses a Böker Speed Lock II and a Sony Ericsson T68i.


  1. Bond uses a nearby bullet proof vest as a quick shield.
  2. Bond fakes a heart attack by going into a special mental state, then is able to take his caregivers off guard.
  3. In order to get into a medical facility, Bond knocks out a guest and then puts him in wheelchair to get onto island.
  4. When he spots a camera, Bond unplugs it and then follows the path of the camera to find a hidden passage.
  5. Bond turns on an MRI machine (effectively turning on a giant magnet) to get a gun away from his opponent.
  6. In order to escape from a falling vehicle, Bond fashions a waterboard together with a parachute and in a practice known as kite-surfing, gets away.
  7. Bond ties a rope across a certain area to knock a pursuer off of a snow ski.
  8. Bond pulls the parachute of an opponent to send him sprawling away.

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94 Tricks and Tools of James Bond: Part 4 [How to Be Bond]

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Previously, I explored the many tricks, tips and tools of Jason Bourne, and the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond (part 1, 2 and 3) . Now, let’s continue with exploring the tricks, tips and tools of James Bond, part 4. This article will delve into the tips, tricks and gadgets of James Bond’s following five films, The Living Daylights, License to Kill, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough. (Yes, spoilers may be found ahead. Trod carefully.)

The Living Daylights


  1. Bond’s cigarette case conceals a pair of binoculars.
  2. He also uses night vision goggles.
  3. A boombox which doubles as a gun is used.
  4. Bond’s key chain releases stun gas or blows things up depending on the tune he whistles.
  5. Q developed a couch that sucks in a person making them disappear temporarily.
  6. Bond’s enemy has a watch which wirelessly alerts his guards of danger.
  7. Bond has a pair of glasses which also act as binoculars.
  8. Bond’s watch is a Rolex Submariner.
  9. Bond uses a Walther WA 2000 Sniper Rifle.
  10. Bond’s car of choice, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series III has a “laser beam cutter, lower front firing automatic missiles, studded tires, skis that protrude from under the doors, plane cockpit style head-up display, a special radio with multi-transmission accessibility, hinged number plates, bullet-proof glass, a rocket jet propulsion unit and [a] self-destruct button.”


  1. Bond jumps on the roof of a truck and cuts through the canvas with a knife to attack the driver.
  2. He drives the car off a cliff, pulling his parachute to save himself.
  3. Bond uses an oil pipeline to covertly ship an asset across the border.
  4. The enemy uses a headphone cord to strangle his target, then pretends to be milk man carrying exploding milk bottles, and finally assumes the identity of ambulance assistance to escape.
  5. In order to distract pursuers, Bond places a decoy in a phone booth, using a cello case covered with a coat.
  6. Bond drives a car into a shack, creating a target for his pursuers to fire at, without hitting him.
  7. He then cuts a hole in the ice of the frozen lake with a tireless wheel to send his enemy plummeting through the ice.
  8. Bond uses a car that has skis as well as rocket propulsion.
  9. He uses his handy cello case as sled to rapidly cross a border.
  10. When he needs to move, Bond hitchhikes on the back of vegetable truck.
  11. Needing a distraction for a male guard, Bond takes off a girl’s top.
  12. Bond constantly fakes death in order to keep his enemy unaware and unfocused on him.
  13. Escaping, Bond goes to the roof, then jumps over rooftops to flee quickly.
  14. Forced to think in a jam, Bond gets in a car with a few random inviting girls to get away.
  15. Bond, being charitable, helps another man jailed escape with him, and his favor is quickly reciprocated with assistance by his new comrade.
  16. They steal a ladder for boarding planes to get over a tall fence.
  17. Bond cuts off his boot grasped by his opponent in order to detach himself from him.
  18. He then smartly drops a bomb on bridge to cut off enemy troop supply.
  19. Finally, to escape from a quickly dropping airplane, Bond uses a parachute attached to a jeep to land the car safely by driving out of the plane and deploying the chute.

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Bombs, Voice Mail and Riot Mobs

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Locksmiths, Murder and Matches [Link Roundup]

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